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The Smart Approach

Smart Teachers is a custom-made recruitment service for schools. Unlike many professional and executive recruitment companies today, we do not charge exorbitant fees. We do not have intimidating registration processes, nor do we have unapproachable attitudes. We do have an extensive candidate base of outstanding teachers looking for immediate work.
It’s important that our education recruitment service is better than everybody else’s. To achieve this, we realise that our remarkable staff are our most important asset. We understand the importance of employing (and retaining) the very best people who are quick to respond, so you can expect consistency and continuity from our service.
We place staff from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada so have first hand experience of working within these education systems. Smart Teachers recruit candidates who have the appropriate skills, flexibility and experience to successfully deliver local and international school curriculum.

Smart Staff

It takes time to build up the expertise needed to put the right people in front of a class. We are only interested in supplying the best possible teachers to the education sector. Some of us sit on school boards, are ex-teachers or have school aged children ourselves. We take the view that unless we’re prepared to have our own kids taught by a SMART teacher, we may as well pack up and go home! We just wouldn’t be doing our job properly.

Smart Standards

As well as being dedicated to providing a speedy and efficient service, the SMART team ensures that our candidate vetting procedures are second to none. This task is much harder than it sounds. Because we take the responsibility of placing people in work with children very seriously, to cut corners is just not acceptable. All of our teachers are vetted, interviewed, reference and qualification checked prior to being offered work. It goes without saying that up-to-date references and checks are critical. We’d much prefer to say we didn’t have any available teachers, than send you someone without their credentials scrupulously checked. We go to great lengths to meet our fanatically high standards.

Smart Communication

We still think that personal contact provides the very best customer service. It’s old fashioned, but it works for us. We’d rather go out of our way to meet you personally, than insist you always make contact via phone. Very soon, we will arrange to meet you face-to-face. We do this to better understand your recruitment needs and gain firsthand experience of your work environment. Of course, if you find it easier to communicate online, please email us at kmcnee@smartteachers.com.au or log onto www.smartteachers.com.au. You’ll find we’re user friendly and our commitment to confidentiality is a given.

Smart Services
  • Long term supply to cover maternity leave, long term sickness, long service leave or in-service training. Smart Teachers can provide teachers for long-term vacancies either on a relief or contract basis. Either option ensures temporary staff complement a school’s ethos before a commitment to permanent employment is necessary. The ability to assess a teacher’s suitability before final appointment saves schools expensive recruitment and re-advertising costs.
  • Permanent recruitment for staff. Smart Teachers is able to offer a fully customised permanent recruitment service. Ensuring that an exact match is made for each vacancy. Smart Teachers will source high quality candidates from its extensive database, both locally and internationally. Smart Teachers provide a bespoke and cost effective service to ensure that continuing support is provided to in-house Human Resource teams.

Standard Placement Fees

|| Type
Short Term Assignment
Per Day
$50 + GST
Per Term
$1550 +GST
4 Terms / Permanent
10% of salary + GST
NB: Permanent part-time positions are charged pro rata with a minimum fee of $2900 + GST.
Supplementary Placement Fees
In the eventuality of circumstances outlined in our Smart Finance clause of the Smart Business Agreement, supplementary placement fees will become immediately due at the above rates.
If a teacher continues employment past the agreed end date of a work assignment, Smart Teachers will charge a continuation fee equivalent to the difference only between the initial and extended work assignment fee.
For example:
A) If a teacher was to complete a term contract and then be offered a permanent position the fee would be 10% of salary minus the fee for the term contract for which the teacher has already worked.
B) If the teacher was to be offered another contract position the fee would be charge for that period of time i.e. one term would result in a further contract fee of $1550 + GST.