**I.L.N. Hompage**
Wheatbelt Education Region
Dear School Leaders
Thank you for the opportunities to be part of your planning and implementation of your network projects and actions across the region. It is evident that the commitment to improving student achievement and wellbeing and the support of school to school learning is the fundamental driver of the networking and collaboration.
For a network to succeed there needs to be clear and agreed outcomes to the network’s activity. The participants should be committed to professional learning through collaboration, sharing and joint activities with agreed ways of working
As Kim as mentioned in his briefing notes on the 27 July the next step is to further support the networks with financial resources received through the regional budgeting process.
Attached is the information about the proposed allocation of resources. There may be an opportunity for additional funds to be allocated before the end of the financial year.
To this end Kim has set the conditions that the allocations are to be made.
  1. A network should have at least a set of operational guidelines and a professional development plan/direction that indicates where money is going to be spent – this will attract $’s for the work of the networks
  2. An outline that indicates how the Network is going to be administered. Could be a Network Principal or a Management Board with an Executive Officer Position This will attract FTE that can be converted to $’s if you wish.
If each network would please forward to me their final operational guidelines/strategic plans/professional learning activities documents at their earliest convenience it would be most appreciated.
I am keen to support the work of the networks in what ever capacity so please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any information or support to access services for your networks.
Yours sincerely
Yvette Harrison
Coordinator Regional Services
22 August 2011.