ILN Collaborative Learning Project for 21st Century
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PROJECT AIM The aim is for the development of a collaborative learning project where the resources are shared across our Network region.

To trial the use of technologytodeliver a program for identified students from Years 6-8 from schools within the Inland Lighthouse Network..

Using the following:
  • Centra as a synchronized on-line virtual classroom- 1 hour a week facilitated by a teacher:
  • OTLS as a structured program of work – project based.
  • Students from local schools abletoaccesstopics prepared throughout the week. By hub and coordinator teachers

For Students
  • Essential skills needed tosucceed as citizens and workers in 21st century including cyber safety, critical thinking, communication and collaboration;.
  • To effectively use the 21st Century skills within the realm of the theme of a Student as a Global Citizen. This is in line with National Curriculum.


  • The trial will be for 10 weeks, with the possibility of extension if deemed successful.
  • There will be one Coordinator and two Hub Teachers in our Network, each deliveringtoa number of interested schools in their Cluster.
  • The Coordinator and Hub Teachers will be responsible for facilitating the on-line synchronised 1 hour week contact with students in their cluster. They will also be responsible to prepare the project based material, assignments or taskstobe accessed by students throughout the week.
  • The Coordinator and Hub Teachers aretoprovide feedback and record progress of these students.
  • The Coordinator will support Hub teachers with:
    • programming,
    • use of OTLS; and
    • at point of need.

The Central Office OCS Team will offer:
  • Training and run concurrent sessions for the coordinator and hub teachers and cluster schools. This includes teachers at the local sites;
  • On-going support, for example technical support and ensure participating schools are enabled to connect to the hub teacher and co-ordinator.
  • assist with teachers new ideas.

  • all schools in our network will be asked if they wish toparticipate in the “ILN Collaborative Learning Project for 21st Century”;

  • schools will select the most suitable students using the set of criteria provided;

  • participating School will enable and fund stafftobe released for training;

  • the numbers of students selected from each school will depend on availability of places available, for example, the number of schools that wishto be involved.


OCS at Central will provide:
  • personneltoprovide initial training;
  • on-going support.

Local Cluster Schools will:
  • fund relief and travel for individual teachers who access training either with
OCS team or work with the coordinator;
  • fund travel costs;
  • fund cost of relief or teacher’s time when training.

ILN will:
  • fund Co-ordinator and Hub Teachers in regards to:
  • fund teachers preparation and delivery (up to half a day per week) ;
  • deliver the program for 10 weeks;
  • fund cost of coordinator assisting Hub Teachers with preparation and program to students (1 day per week, for 10 weeks).

Approx cost $9000 to be funded from ILN funds.

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