Area: Australian National Curriculum

Network Targets
  • Teachers investigate the Australian National Curriculum (ANU) and associated resources
  • Teachers begin to utilise the frameworks and planning structures from the ANC
  • Teachers establish PL networks both within and outside of the ILS Network
  • Common SDD Term 3 with speaker presenting information about the ANC.
  • Wongan Hills location
  • Briefing overview of the day
  • Leave well be well focus for teachers- Healthy fun activities throughout the day eg Healthy lunch.
  • To become a lighthouse Teacher development network

  • Continued support of teacher networks as a result of the day
Term 3 Monday 25 July 2011.
Sue Pekin- To establish SDD parameters; Norms outlined as a start to the day.
Ilona Jachmann- To organise presenter, venue
Sue and Ilona to set the agenda
Katrina Van Straalen to investigate criteria processes around further teacher development; feedback sheet.
John Stone: to investigate healthy activities.

Area: Health and Wellbeing

Network Targets
Combined Sporting opportunities developed across the ILS Network.
Invitation to Dept of Sport and Recreation to investigate opportunities with school leaders for combined sporting opportunities.
A sports person to work across schools within the network.
End of Term 2
Peter Scharf to invite DSR and other relevant agency personnel to next network meeting
Improve teachers/community knowledge of preventative programs and strategies to ameliorate cyber bullying and social networking issues.
PL opportunities to be investigated
All SL to check own networks for possible presenters for cyber bullying/social networking issues.
Teachers are aware of the issues around cyber bullying and implement preventative strategies in their classrooms.
End Term 3
Barbara Garner to coordinate
Yvette Harrison to source funding opportunities.