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Venue: Wongan Hills DHS Start: 9:30

Agenda Items

1.0 Minutes previous meeting:
2.0 ILN Planning process (Ilona/Katrina/Dini/Barbara/Peter)
2.1 Copy of planning documents
2.2 Additional requirements?
2.3 Copy of Skills Audit- Where to from here?
3.0 ILN Collaborative Learning Project for 21st Century
3.1 Discussion of proposal
3.2 What are the questions Jan LoftusProject Manager for OCS available at 1:30 (Phone) to answer questions& discuss project
4.0 Budget for 2011 (Yvette/Ilona)
4.1 Copy of expenditure to date
4.2 Additional allocation of resources?
4.3 Formulation of a budget
5.0 Review of SDD –
5.1 WAPPA Survey Feedback & Evaluation
5.2 National Curriculum- Where to from here
6.0 Principal Performance Management Review (Melissa)
7.0 LOTE for 2012 (Dini)
7.1 Face to face teacher-sharing resource?
8.0 Cyber Bullying
8.1 Proposal for resources & planning (Barbara)
9.0 Sport across the Network (Peter)
9.1 Secondary focus
10.0 Wikki Demonstration
10.1 how to access etc. (Katrina)
11.0 Other agenda items
12.0 1:30 Jan Loftus available to answer questions re ILN (Jan Loftus)
13.0 Collaborative Learning Project for 21st Century