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Present: Dini Kempers, Ilona Jachmann, John Stone, Joeley Howard, Barbara Garner, Katrina van Straalen, Suzi Pekin, Peter Scharf, Gary Homer, Yvette Harrison, Melissa Harms
Apologies: Brooke Chitty, Samantha Hegedus
1.0 Previous minutes: accepted as a true and accurate record

2.0 ILN planning process
2.1& 2.2 : Copy of planning documents – agreed that these were appropriate. Yvette commented that the ILN was progressing well, that the paperwork was ok and that we just need to ensure agreed upon protocols are in place for future decision-making
2.3: Skills audit: After discussion, agreed that we remove the teachers’ names from the list, indicate the skills sets & expertise available within each school, and that all requests for assistance from school to school are managed through the principal to ensure monitoring of workload etc. Revisit and update the Skills Audit every meeting and include a dated footer on each new version.

3.0 ILN Collaborative Learning Project
3.1: Ilona outlined the main features of the proposal – cluster model with one coordinator, two hubs each servicing four schools. Some discussion of the number of students involved in each school. Agreement to leave this to individual schools/teachers but to mindful of the need to “take baby steps” at first to ensure success
- some discussion of the selection process/criteria for these positions. Action: Principals to call for EOI. Agreement to use the salient features of the Teaching & Learning with ICT phase by phase continuum tabled by Katrina. Principals to initially recommend. Applicants must have ICT savvyness, the personality & skills to lead others and be available in our network in 2012.

4.0 Budget for 2011
4.1: Copy of current expenditure tabled by Ilona who indicated the difficulties in procuring appropriate presenters. The SDD was more expensive than planned due to WAPPA involvement. Action: Invoice each school for $100 for membership of ILN [to cover catering costs] for the remaining 2011 meetings and invoice schools for $150 for 2012.
4.2: Additional funding – Yvette indicated:
- $34 816 to be allocated to ILN in the October gateway
- $14 400 flow on savings from Regional Office
- Possibly another $14 400 in January plus a proportion of left over monies in April
The acquittal processes are aligned to protocols established by the ILN. Monies can be carried over to 2012.
4.3: Formulation of a budget: after much discussion it was decided to agree on our overall Strategic Plan first, then to resource the various components. Agreement to focus on OTLS, staffing, Early Years Ed, Play Café. Action: Suzi to speak about Play Cafes at the next ILN meeting.

11.0 Supply & Demand of teachers for 2012: Ilona spoke about the use of Smart Teachers to source appropriate staff. Currently procured a Maths teacher via this agency. Costing her $6 000 over two years. Considerable discussion of this issue. Action: Ilona to get a representative from the Smart Teachers agency to speak at the next ILN meeting about a possible brokerage arrangement with schools in the ILN. Also there is the need to enquire about other sources of funds to assist here.

5.0 Review of SDD : Considerable discussion concerning where to from here re Australian Curriculum. Most felt that it was important for each school to ascertain needs in this area – discuss next ILN meeting
Action: Dini to canvas principals for names of EAs currently working towards Cert III so that a collegiate support group can be formed. Include relief EAs as well

6.0 Principal Performance Management - Melissa raised this issue. Discussion of the requirements and the links to School Performance Management Systems [SPMS] Yvette indicated that Kim would prefer individual enquiries. Action: Agreement that individual principals have their SPMS data page open when they talk with Kim to ascertain directions for their Perf Management overview and online contextual comments/explanations of the data. Need to ascertain due date = Late November??

7.0 LOTE for 2012 – Discussion of problems surrounding staffing of LOTE, use of Centra.
Individual principals tackling the problem in various ways – some not recordable here!!

8.0 Cyber Bullying: Barbara spoke about the effectiveness of the presentations by Holly Anne Martin = protective behaviours in a series of 10 lessons, input for parents. Yvette indicated that The Dept for Communities/Central Office Protective Behaviours funds can be sources of additional funds. Approx $1 100 per day – must be applied for by the P&C. Action: Barbara to distribute the eg of the application she used. Yvette to be the overall coordinator negotiating for Holly Anne Martin to service a number of ILN schools in 2012

Teleconference session with Jan Loftus - Jan Loftus
Principal Project Officer
Online Curriculum Services
P: (08) 9264 4077 F: (08) 9264 4484
M: 0434 607 601

Major points
  • Proposal re OTLS for our ILN seems pretty straightforward and doable
  • Do we need to be an OTLS school – Jan : Yes preferably. She will work with these four schools who are not OTLS ready = Yerecoin, Ballidu, Miling, Goomalling
  • Will these schools be able to access $$$s – Jan: not yet in their budget and no immediate plans to be able to offer additional funds
  • Slick schools flow on to access OCS? Jan: two separate programs
  • Do you have selection criteria for Coordinator/Hub positions? Jan: Leadership, demonstrated ability to mentor & support others, good ICT skills, good curriculum knowledge
  • Timeline? Jan: can work with us on this. Indicated that she needs about 3 weeks notice to be ready. Best for participants to have one day initial training, one day for more formal training on OTLS & Centra, one day for teachers to come together to collaborate and plan
  • Student numbers in the target group? Jan: 12-15 max

Discussion afterwards: Look to train Coordinator, Hubs and teachers involved this term week 7-8

9.0 Sport across the Network – Peter outlined a proposal for secondary schools to meet for Athletics in a central venue – Dowerin for eg. Indicated a week 8 term 3 possibility. Action: Barbara to take the proposal to the East Avon Sports Assoc for their feedback.

10.0 Wikispace demonstration: Katrina showed us the ILN Wikispace. General agreement that it will serve a purpose for our network = enhance collaboration, give us an identity. Action: Principals to familiarise themselves with the site and use it before opening up invitation for teaching and non-teaching staff to join.

11.0 General Business
11.1: Joeley raised the issue of Lindsay Searle or another representative in a Versace suit with carnation over one ear [by this time it was getting tiring being scribe!!] to deliver Finance units in Wongan for principals. Action: Yvette to follow this up.
11.2: Discussion of the need to be consistent with our ILN logo, font, marketing etc. Action: Peter to investigate possibilities of student assistance to generate an animated lighthouse on the Wiki home page. General agreement that the lighthouse version used by Barbara on the certificates is preferred. Each school to develop their own “town description” for the site.

NEXT MEETING = Thursday 3 November 2011 @ 9.30am @ Wongan DHS