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The Inland Lighthouse Network (ILN) is to capitalise on the network to enhance and enrich each school’s effectiveness and performance by working collaboratively to align best practice.

The following schools will be known as the Inland Lighthouse Network:
  • Ballidu PS
  • Bolgart PS
  • Cadoux PS
  • Calingiri PS
  • Central MidlandsSHS
  • Dalwallinu DHS
  • Dowering DHS
  • Goomalling PS
  • Kalannie PS
  • Miling PS
  • Moora PS
  • Yerecoin PS
  • Wongan Hills DHS
  • Wyalkatchem DHS
It has been decided that we will not have Network Principal as such. Individuals will be responsible for the implementation and organisation of various aspects of the strategic plan.

May 26 2011
Much of the initial group discussions focused on:
  • Purpose of the network – what value can be added to this network to what we already do?
  • Model to use
  • Strategic Plan- five year plan
  • Common underlying issues- what are these?
  • Funding – what will be available for us to resource the network?
  • Teaching principals – substitute teacher funding to be organised

Common underlying issues:
- National Curriculum
- Year 7 relocation to High schools
- Oral Language (speech therapy)
- Health & Wellbeing (Resilience building)
- Reducing student numbers in Level 3 schools
- 0 – 4 program
- Engagement (Boys, Aboriginal education, Retention)
Yvette Harrison (Student Services Manager for the Regional Wheatbelt) explained we will receive 14.3 % of 2x Level 5 FTE (approximately $33.471.00) plus extra funding (14 % of $100,000.00). Total will be approx $47,471.00. The money will be deposited in Salary Pool at WHDHS and from there will be relocated for various purposes. It is intended that all members receive a regular updates re financial statements etc. The staffing (individual schools) has been taken into consideration.
The following areas were identified by the ILN:
Curriculum – National Curriculum
- Sport
- Oral Language
- IT infrastructure & Technical support
- Curriculum diversity
- Resourcing
- Transition
Staff – Competence
- Availability of staff
- Attracting quality staff
- Networking
- Promotional opportunities
- Support
- Graduate Modules
- Year 7s
Admin Staff – Support
- Networking
- Succession planning
- Mentoring
- Promotional opportunities
- Coaching
- Performance Management
- Physical Resources
Community – Poverty issues
- Declining numbers
- Partnerships (inter agencies)
- Awareness raising
- Change of demographics
- Marketing
- Workplace learning (students)
Attendance & Enrolment – Truancy
- Support
- Aboriginal and low SEI
- Retention
Health & Wellbeing – Sport
- Social networking
- Racism
- Resilience
- Transition
Youth Engagement – Aspirations
- Programs
- 16 & 17 yr olds
- Residuals

All staff (CTs and EAs) will gather on July 25th (student free day) in Wongan Hills (venue to be advised) for a day of professional learning.
The topic will be the National Curriculum: background
Online resources

Staff will have the opportunity to divide into groups of interest (phases of schooling/learning areas).

The outcome for the day will be:
  1. The familiarisation with the National Curriculum
  2. Establishing of networks

Funding will cover morning tea and lunch.